Huge progress in just 4 weeks. Feel like a different person!

Before working with Alice I felt lethargic and had crippling brain fog. I couldn’t lose weight- putting on almost 2 stone in 2 years. Looking back now, I think I may also have been suffering with depression to some extent. Since working with Alice, everything has changed for the better! I now no longer crave biscuits and chocolate and I look forward to getting as much nutrition into my mid morning smoothie. Thank you Alice for giving me the right tools to feel better xx

Sara Morgan

Thoroughly enjoyed the programme, I’ve learnt so much about ‘my body/thyroid’. I liked the way the programme was delivered, the gentle approach then building up to the changes which was beneficial to me, nothing was overwhelming. I’m hoping to continue with these changes for the rest of my life.

Tina Garner

I was at rock bottom, an emotional, irritable, depressed mess. My hypothyroid blood test results had finally come back normal, but I felt far from it. I saw Alice had a Beta deal on and I jumped at the chance. I now feel like a different person, no more depression, loads of energy, alert, less aches and pains. Happy. I feel alive! Thank you Alice you’ve given my Boys back their mummy!

Karen Ackers

Alice gave a talk to 30 women at my local networking group yesterday, delivering top tips for better nutrition, it was excellent. We all learned a lot. Alice is very easy to listen to, & presents information in an easy to understand way that doesn’t put off the lay person. Thanks so much Alice for the talk and the brilliant helpful information.

Shona Chambers

I really recommend Alice for help with menopausal symptoms. I had been experiencing hot flushes and disturbed nights sleep for a while. Alice recommended taking powdered magnesium in water at night and sage tea during the day. She also talked to me about the nutritional benefits of certain foods to help regulate my hormones. I thoroughly recommend Alice. She is kind, knowledgeable and has helped me to be able to feel ‘normal’ again. Thank you Alice. X

Sarah Gregory

Alice’s advice has been great for me. I am a busy full time worker with two young children and was worried about my nutrition. I try and eat a vegan and wheat free diary so I’m a bit restricted with eating on the go and was worried I was missing out on important elements.

As a woman in her mid 40’s (ouch!) with such a busy life I need good energy levels and mental attitude to do it all well and as I would like.
Alice does a VERY thorough initial assessment and from there prescribes a course of supplements to support your life. At first I found it a little daunting as I needed a fair bit (more than the average person I think I wasn’t being kind to my body) but the results soon made that worthwhile.

Since I started my work with Alice around 6 months ago, I have more positivity, more energy and a better digestive system. All of which lead to me enjoying life better and so I have no hesitation in recommending her.

As well as sound advice, Alice is also a really empathic and kind individual who goes beyond her nutritional brief to offer support and advice for all areas of lifestyle. She even checks up on when I have gone to bed if I think I need it!

Thank you Alice basically, you have made 2018 a turning point for me.

Sarah Boorman

I hadn’t expected changes in diet to be so completely effective. Alice is excellent at identifying what you need and I thoroughly recommend her.

Charllotte Ranger

Alice was able to identify the probable causes of a persistent condition I have which has perplexed my local GP for a number of years. With a few simple changes to my diet and more awareness of what I was putting into my body the condition has greatly improved. We can all benefit from having Alice in our lives.

Riggs Butterworth