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Mood and food

How to improve yours and get happy without eating cake Whether we’ve experienced depression or not, we’ve all experienced changes in moods.  If you’re female, you may well have put these changes down to hormones, but have you ever considered what you’ve been eating, and how you’ve been eating it? There is obviously a connection … Continue reading Mood and food

Balance your hormones

3 top takeaways from a recent talk I did on balancing female hormones.  1. Cortisol takes priority over all other hormones. It’s because it’s part of the fight or flight response that could potentially save our life. This means it can impact the balance and efficacy of all the other hormones. Also, it is made indirectly from progesterone so it … Continue reading Balance your hormones

Chocolate banana

There is currently a never-ending request for snacks and sweet treats from my kids. I'm guessing most lockdown families have similar. Here is something that took 5 minutes but gave oh so much pleasure. Chop bananas Melt chocolate in a bain-marie Dip one side of the banana slices into the chocolate Decorate

Chia pudding

Gluten free, vegan Ingredients: 4 tbsp chia seeds 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt 250ml almond milk / cashew milk / coconut milk couple of drops of vanilla essence Half an apple, grated Walnuts or flaked almonds Pumpkin seeds (you can toast these or the flaked almonds if you can be bothered) Berries Maple syrup (optional) Directions: … Continue reading Chia pudding