Hi, I’m Alice.

I help weary women feel great again by showing them how to create healthy habits that slot into their daily routine.

Life is busy, stress is rife, and often good health and self-care is put at the bottom of the priority pile.

With little tweaks to diet and lifestyle I can help you turnaround your energy levels and help you feel amazing on a daily basis.

I am passionate about making living with a healthy body and mind easier for women who have a lot going on.

Stop eating sugar (and double your energy) in 5 days

Sugar intake crept up in 2020? 😳

Want to take back control?

In just 5 days you can stop eating sugar, stop the cravings and supercharge your energy levels WITHOUT it being hard and painful!

Join my challenge starting 5th October to do it with ease 🤩

Free challenge starting Monday 5th October

I hadn’t expected changes in diet to be so completely effective. Alice is excellent at identifying what you need and I thoroughly recommend her.

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