Alice’s advice has been great for me. I am a busy full time worker with two young children and was worried about my nutrition. I try and eat a vegan and wheat free diary so I’m a bit restricted with eating on the go and was worried I was missing out on important elements.

As a woman in her mid 40’s (ouch!) with such a busy life I need good energy levels and mental attitude to do it all well and as I would like.
Alice does a VERY thorough initial assessment and from there prescribes a course of supplements to support your life. At first I found it a little daunting as I needed a fair bit (more than the average person I think I wasn’t being kind to my body) but the results soon made that worthwhile.

Since I started my work with Alice around 6 months ago, I have more positivity, more energy and a better digestive system. All of which lead to me enjoying life better and so I have no hesitation in recommending her.

As well as sound advice, Alice is also a really empathic and kind individual who goes beyond her nutritional brief to offer support and advice for all areas of lifestyle. She even checks up on when I have gone to bed if I think I need it!

Thank you Alice basically, you have made 2018 a turning point for me.

― Sarah Boorman