Hmm, maybe.

We know that snacking can interfere with important processing of our meals. It can also interfere with what we eat for our meals. And as meals are when we usually get the good nutrients, they should be prioritised.

Snacking is such an integral part of life for many of us and stopping it is often just associated with wanting to lose weight. But choosing carefully when to snack and when not to can be crucial for energy, mood and mental and physical health.

Here are 3 ways to change (and improve) some of your snacking habits.

1 Prepare your snack ahead of time. Put it in a special bowl or some tuppaware and then you can grab it when it’s time and you’re less likely to be tempted by any extra, or something less nourishing.

2 Eat your snack mindfully. If we grab a snack when we’re really peckish, we’re likely to wolf it down without thinking. This means we don’t chew properly, the digestive juices don’t flow and we’re less likely to feel satisfied.

3 SUPER SNACK! If you’re trying to cut down on snacks or change from slightly less healthy snacks, you might start to feel a bit deprived. Make an amazing platter of lots of your favourite (mostly savoury) snacks. Think, crackers, cheese, gherkins, nuts, seeds, grapes, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives, chorizo, falafels, hummus, guacamole etc. (see picture) and have a smorgasbord type lunch or evening meal in front of the TV as a treat.

If you’re curious about whether you snack too much, or if you want to know the best foods to snack on, join SMARTER SNACKING IN 5 DAYS challenge

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