Skin is the biggest organ in the body. It has a huge role in detoxification, it regulates our temperature, it forms vitamin D from the sun and it protects our internal body from the outside world.

So we need it to be in a condition where it can perform these functions, we need it to be comfortable and most of us would like it to have an appealing appearance too.

Here are my top 10 ways to promote lovely skin.

  1. Keep hydrated. Dehydrated skin dries out and sags. For the average women drink 2 litres of water (or other non caffeinated or alcoholic drink) a day. For the average man 2.5-3 litres. You’ll be better off with pure water or herbal teas rather than drinks with additives including sugar (see next point).
  2. Minimise sugar intake (especially refined sugar). Consistently eating sugar spikes our blood sugar and messes with our insulin regulation which can promote more testosterone production which can lead to acne. Sugar also produces advanced glycation end products which appear to accelerate ageing.
  3. Keep regular. Constipation means that toxins can end up recirculating in the blood stream and can then end up being detoxified through the skin causing blemishes. Keep your water intake up and eat lots of vegetables and fruit and if it’s still a problem speak to a nutritionist because recirculating toxins can do a lot more harm than just a few spots.
  4. Minimise or cut out dairy products. Dairy is often inflammatory and can very often trigger acne and eczema. This may be related to number 5.
  5. Look at digestive function and gut bacteria. Gut inflammation or damage to the gut lining can mean that bacteria by-products can reach the bloodstream and then the skin leading to skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Quality, well researched probiotic supplements can sometimes be helpful here, as can fermented foods like sauerkraut.
  6. Increase zinc foods like pumpkin and sunflower seeds and chickpeas. You could also consider a supplement for acne.
  7. Increase omega 3 fats in the diet. The easiest way is through eating oily fish three times a week. Salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel are the best option. These fats are so important in cell formation and they are anti-inflammatory.
  8. Use natural products on your skin and hair. Weleda are a wonderful brand that only use fair trade, sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging. Their products are 100% natural and as organic as they possibly can be. Many of their products are therapeutic so, while I always say start on the inside for good skin, they are brilliant if you need help on the outside in the meantime.
  9. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Make sure you get your 7 or 8 hours so that you give your body and skin time to heal and repair.
  10. Take time out. When we’re stressed we’re in fight or flight mode and the body ‘puts off’ healing and repair. Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation which can lead to skin disease, damage and ageing.

When you practise these savers but still have skin problems, it’s possible your digestive function needs some more help and healing or there may be food intolerances you aren’t aware of.

If you’d like to get some more clarity on where you need to go next and plan your health goals, book a free call with me.