Try doing these 3 simple but very effective things the next time you eat.

  1. Drink a small glass of water before you eat to ensure you are adequately hydrated. This means your digestive juices can flow more readily (stomach acid and digestive enzymes) which will mean your food will get broken down more effectively.
  2. Chew really well. Don’t speed eat. Take your time and taste the flavours. This stimulates digestion and increases the surface area of your food so it can be broken down. Food that isn’t broken down properly can cause gas and discomfort.
  3. Relax. To digest your food, you need to be in ‘rest and digest’ mode and not ‘fight or flight’. If you’re stressed, anxious or concentrating hard on something else you body will not think of digestion as a priority.

You body is brilliant at doing its jobs but it often needs you to consciously work alongside it (if that makes any sense!) and provide the right environment.