I’m really having to dig deep into my positivity reserves for this lockdown. And again, we don’t have any idea when it’s going to end. Here are a few ideas for helping the time pass more pleasurably and keeping our spirits up.

1. Get green fingers

Buy some seeds and some compost and plant them. Watching little green guys poking their heads through the soil is really fun and rewarding. Pick a flower or vegetable or herb you like and see what you can nurture.

2. Cosy clothes

We’re all used to wearing these by now but dig out ones from your deepest drawers that you haven’t tried out and maybe put together some crazy coloured layering. The sales are amazing if you want to buy, and if you’re petite, remember that kids clothes are cheaper and they have some pretty rad tracksuit bottom styles.

3. Make bedtime a highlight of your day

With fewer treats and highlights available to us, we’re going to have to adjust the dial a bit. It doesn’t have to be every night but if you get yourself a bedtime routine that involves a bath (see number 9), some cosy pjs, a hot water bottle, some lavender spray, and a good book, you’ll have an end of day bonus.

4. Take up a cold activity

Take off your cosy slippers and walk outside on frosty grass! Sounds crazy but walking barefoot on the natural earth is very grounding and calming and if it’s very cold, it’ll give you a circulation boost.

Take it a step further and investigate Wim Hof and his cold therapy.

5. Run towards the sun rise

Get up with the larks and run or walk towards the sun as it’s rising. It’s said to be stimulating and charges us up with energy for the day. And you don’t have to get up too early at the moment to do it.

6. Podcast in marigolds

You may have already got this down in previous quarantines but listening to podcasts and music has been a bit of a saviour to me when having a bit load of washing up or cooking.

7. Be like the Trolls

And have regular cuddle times, if you’re lucky enough to live with other people. You’ll stimulate lots of oxytocin which does so much cool scientific stuff for your body and mind but generally improves your life. If you live alone, or aren’t really on those terms with your flatmate, try visualising them. It might sound a bit lame but this can even stimulate oxytocin production.

8. Home movie time

Yeah, we’re probably all watching more films, but every now and then, make a big deal of it and set up a really comfy spot and make yourself some perfect popcorn (I use maple syrup instead of sugar and coconut oil instead of butter and a bit of sea salt).

9. Epsom salt baths

This is probably the number 1 nourishing activity you can do for your muscles, mind and sleep.

Good luck, everyone.

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