What’s wrong with caffeine?

I don’t have anything personal against caffeine in coffee.  In fact, I think it certainly has its uses.  Caffeine can improve alertness, productivity and concentration and does appear to have some health benefits, in otherwise healthy people, but we should remember that it is a stimulant.

It literally prevents the brain from being calm. 

This means that it:
• increases heart rate
• constricts blood vessels
• is a diuretic (increases the amount of urine made)
• relaxes air passages
• encourages the production of adrenaline (because of increased nerve cell activity)
• contracts muscles
• suppresses appetite

Caffeine can therefore contribute to insomnia, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, restlessness and digestive upset so I recommend reducing (or even stopping) your caffeine intake if you suffer from any of these.Here’s the lowdown on caffeine levels:

• A can of cola has around 40mg of caffeine
• A mug of tea has around 75mg
• A bar of plain chocolate has around 50mg
• A cup of instant coffee has around 100mg
• A mug of filter coffee has around 140mg
• Energy drinks: a 250ml can has around 80mg.